Tree Removal in Royal Palm Beach

J & H Improvement Services is a family owned and operated tree company proudly serving Royal Palm Beach and the Western Communities. We offer affordable tree removal and trimming in both HOA and non-HOA neighborhoods in Royal Palm Beach. We are licensed and insured and take great pride in safety on the job and a job well done.

In the residential areas of Royal Palm Beach, we most frequently have storm related tree removal. Many neighborhoods have large, older shade trees that can topple over in high winds. Annual pruning of canopy types of trees can help avoid the loss of a tree, but if you do lose a tree in a storm, J & H Improvement Services is here to remove the downed tree, grind the stump and either haul the debris away or chop it into the size pieces allowed for collection by trash services.

In addition to storm losses, we also remove diseased trees and nuisance trees that are pushing up sidewalks. Root balls normally are required to be removed from residential yards and boulevards.

Permits & Regulations

Unlike our neighbors in Loxahatchee and the Acreage, home owners in Royal Palm Beach often have HOA rules as well as city and county regulations to abide by.

In the city of Royal Palm Beach, it is the Planning and Zoning department that oversees landscaping regulations. While a single family residence does not need a permit to remove a tree, they do have meet basic landscaping requirements for their home. For most subdivisions, there is a mandated landscaping plan and a minimum amount of landscaping that each home must have.

We recommend that home owners take a bit of time to educate themselves what is allowed and whether they need to replace a tree that they remove. Here are some useful links and numbers:

Royal Palm Beach Planning & Zoning Department (561) 790-5131. You can also visit their website at https://www.royalpalmbeach.com/. Bear in mind that rules changes frequently and the information on the website is sparse, so you many need to call to get the specific information you need.

If you have a homeowners’ association, be sure to check the bylaws for tree and landscaping regulations.

Keep Kids and Pets Safe

There are some common flowering plants and shrubs that you may want to remove from your yard in order to protect your kids and pets. From mild rashes to more serious allergic reactions, we recommend doing your homework on some landscaping favorites that might be harmful to pets and kids.

Flowering Plants

  • Chrysanthemums, Lanten Rose, Iris, Carnation, Dahlia, Lilly of the Valley, Lavender, Daisy, Monkshood, Peace Lillies, Forget Me Nots, Peony, Coleus
  • Aloe Vera, Hydrangea, Yew, Boxwood, Gardenia, Lantana, Azaleas, Rhododendron, Rose of Sharon
  • Vines
  • Clematis, English and Boston Ivy, Morning Glory, Wisteria
  • Pointsettias – can cause irritation of the mouth and stomach for puppies and kittens.
  • Oak Trees – Acorns and leaves are poisonous.
  • Tomato Plants – Contain solanine and that is toxic.
  • Trees
  • Eucalyptus, Ginkos, Leyland Cypress, Lombardy Poplar, Mimosa, Mulberry, Silver Maple, Willow