Tree Trimming in Wellington

J & H Improvment Services is your local Wellington tree care expert who understands how important professional tree trimming is to the health of trees and the value of your property.  Moreover, we understand safety, customer services and fair prices.  

Assess the Health of Your Trees

The beautiful oaks, pines and palms that bring shade and grace to our Wellingon homes and gardens require annual maintanence.  Professional tree trimming keeps treas health while also protecting your home and property.  On an annual basis you should inspect your trees for the following: 

  • Monitor how close the branches are growing to power lines
  • Check for dead branches and signs of disease, especially in our native pines.
  • Check how closely the branches are to your home, including your screen room.  In the case of Royal Palms, look for large, dying frawns that can fall onto cars in the driveway and cause damage. 
  • Assess the overall shape and curb appeal of your trees.  If it’s been a few years since a professional arborist has pruned your trees, you’ll be amazed at what a good trim up can do for your property’s appearance. 

Hire the Right Company 

As a professional tree company that takes pride in our work, we think it’s important to point out what you should look for when you hire a tree service.  

  • We are licensed and insured to work on your property. 
  • Our employees are well-trained, safety conscious and have pride it what they do. 
  • We follow best practices for arborist from our personal protection equipment to our heavy machinery, thus protecting our employees and your property.
  • We abide by local rules and ordinances so that our tree work does not land the home owner in trouble with local authorities. 

Tree Pruning Standards in the Village of Wellington

Tree topping, also known as hat racking, is prohibited in Wellington.  This unsightly practice severly cuts back the foiliage on the tree branches to an inch or less, leaving a skeletal looking tree is suseptible to disease.  Trimmed properly and to standard, a canopy reduction should not exceed more that 1/4 of the tree’s canopy per year.  

Don’t Wait for Hurricane Season

Call J & H Improvement Services for a free estimate for tree trimming and pruning in Wellington before hurricane season this year.  In 2017, Hurricane Irma took aim at our area and while we were spared the worst of the storm, many Wellington residents had damage from trees and vegetation that might have been prevented with regular tree maintenance.