Over the years, we have evolved into much more than a tree services company. Our landscaping services include installing and shaping hedges, building custom planters and rock features, and of course, sod installation. Whether you are clearing property and starting from scratch or redesigning your yard, we can assist you. A few advantages of hiring us for your landscaping projects include;

Local knowledge & suppliers: We know first hand what plants, trees and shrubs are going to thrive in our Zone 10 environment. Plus we work with a number of local nurseries who grow their own hedging, flowering and landscaping plants, so the plants we install are already aclimated to our neighborhoods.

The right tools for the job: In addition to the know-how, J & H Improvement Services has all the right equipment for any size landscaping project. With everything from bobcats to wood chippers, we have the muscle as well as the minds to completely renovate your yard or business property. We can remove, chip or haul away the old vegetation, and prepare the area for a new look. We install planters, rock features, and benches; then carefully plant out the area with Zone 10 suited plants and shrubs. Finally, we expertly lay the sod for a beautiful lawn in a fraction of the time that it takes to grow from seed.

Family, Kid and Pet Friendly: We care about the environment and the end user – you! We are happy to lend our expertise in family and pet-safe plants and shrubs so that you can create an outdoor experience that is beautiful, functional and safe for people and animals. Many hardly and commonly used landscaping plants are a danger to youngsters in particular – humans and pets – who have a tendency to nibble on just about anything they can reach.