The Ultimate Guide to Tree Removal in Palm Beach County

Do you have a tree that is causing you more harm than good? 

Are you unsure how to go about removing?

Not even sure if you can remove it? 

Then you’re in the right place!

This post is your comprehensive guide to understanding tree removal in Palm Beach County. Here, we will take a look at the laws regarding tree removal in this area. We’ll look at the best processes for cutting down trees, and we’ll see some of the common mistakes that you need to try and avoid.

Why Would You Want Tree Removal in Palm Beach?

The first question to ask, is why you would want to cut down a tree in the first place?

Trees are attractive, they provide a wonderful natural habitat for the local wildlife (it’s great for the local ecosystem), and they help to reduce carbon emissions while producing O2.

For these reasons, you should avoid tree removal unless it is completely unnecessary. Where there is another way to solve the issues you are having, you should favor that option instead!

But there are also a number of legitimate issues you may be having with trees on your premises that make removal absolutely necessary.

Let’s take a look at a few of the most common reasons for tree removal in Palm Beach County.

Property Damage

This is the most pressing concern for many people looking for tree removal in Palm Beach County. If you have a very large tree on your property, then you might find that it is beginning to threaten your property.

This is because the growth of a large tree is outside of your control. If the tree has very large roots, or is situated too close to a wall or your home, then it may begin to place pressure on that structure. It’s not uncommon to see garden tiles cracking as roots push up through the bottom underneath them. Likewise, it’s a common issue to experience roots breaking swimming pools. 

More serious is if a tree trunk or branch begins pressing against the wall of your house, in which case it can cause cracks to form that may eventually cause structural damage.

It’s also possible that this damage would affect others. If you have a very large tree in your garden, then it may actually cause issues in a nearby road or your neighbor’s property.

In Case of Storm

Tree not causing any harm to your property? Great! But that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. You also need to think about what might be possible in case of emergency. For example, if a very strong wind should blow over a large tree, it might then fall and crash into your property. After a certain point, extremely tall trees in your garden can become an unnecessary risk and it is safer to remove them.

Shade and Cool

Depending on which way your garden faces, how you like to be woken in the morning, and your views on privacy; you may decide that you want to provide shade for your garden. Many homeowners intentionally grow large trees and bushes in order to surround their home. This is great if you feel overlooked and it can also help you to stay cool. Trees can even act as windshields, which is really useful if your fences keep getting blown down!

But if that’s not what you want, then this can be a serious cause for concern. If your garden is cold and dark because there is a huge tree blocking out all of the sunlight, then this is something you should seek to remedy as soon as possible.

Likewise, you may find that your garden feels very small thanks to the large tree taking up so much space and cutting off all light!


There are health concerns to keep in mind with a tree too.

For one, trees can create allergens. This is a problem if you have anybody living with you who suffers with allergies triggered by that particular type of tree. 

This is also a problem for some pets. If your dog is sneezing and scratching a lot, or if they seem tired and lethargic, then this is a possibility to consider.

Many trees are also poisonous and grow harmful berries or even roots. If these are eaten, they could be deadly. This is a problem not only for pets but also young children if you have them. If you’re thinking of growing your family, then now might be the time to consider tree removal in Palm Beach County.

It’s also worth thinking about the issue of pests. As we have already discussed, trees make important natural habitats for many small animals. This is one of the absolutely crucial features of trees and it’s why we should do everything we can to protect them.

But trees also provide a home for many pests that can damage your property, present a health risk, and even harm other animals. If you have issues with squirrels, with birds, or even with termites… then removing the tree may remove the problem.

Can I Remove My Own Tree?

Decided you need tree removal in Palm Beach County?

In that case, it’s time to consider whether you are going to attempt to do this yourself, or whether you are going to call an expert who knows what they’re doing!

This is not a simple question and it depends on a number of different factors. 

Is it Safe?

The first question is whether it is safe to remove your own tree. This will depend on the location of the tree, its size, and your own level of expertise.

As a general rule, it is unwise to remove trees that are above 6’ tall, as this will present significantly more of a risk and may be dangerous. That said, you should also take this on a case-by-case basis. There is no “one-size fits all” approach to tree removal. For example, if the tree has a very large trunk, then it might be more difficult for you to remove. If the tree is very slim and light, then you may feel confident cutting it down even if it is a little taller.

Consider as well though, whether the tree is near anything that it could cause damage to (like a neighbor’s fence). Ask whether the tree is likely to fall into your garden or whether it will head in the other direction. Consider how many branches there are that are going to get in your way while you are working.

Then there are other considerations: for example, if the tree is near a power line, then this can increase the danger. In these cases, it is generally better to leave the work to a professional who knows what they are doing! You may find that this is actually a job for the power supply company. 

Consider too, whether the tree is entirely on your property. If the tree is on commercial property, then this will change the rules slightly. Likewise, if the tree is partially in your neighbor’s garden, then you will need to discuss with them before you go about cutting the tree. You might find it is actually their responsibility, saving you the job!

There are a number of tools that are necessary for DIY tree removal. For example, you will need some kind of cutting implement which could be an alligator saw, a chainsaw, or similar. You should always have at least one other person with you as well to help you cut down the tree. Ideally, you would want one person to help observe you and another person to help you practically remove the tree.

If you don’t have those supplies and can’t secure help, you may decide it is ultimately easier to hire the services of a tree removal company in Palm Beach County. 

It’s also worth keeping in mind that removing a tree is complicated and potentially risky. In the following sections of this post we’ll explore the process of taking down a tree yourself. As you read this, you may decide that it all sounds a little daunting or outside of your comfort zone. If that is the case, then you should definitely leave it to a professional.

Here’s something to assume: the tree will likely be more difficult to take down than you anticipate! So if you think it sounds a little daunting… it probably isn’t the job for you!

Not sure if you can remove your tree? We’d love to help you decide.

Should You Remove the Tree?

There are more factors to bear in mind too. You should of course find out how much tree removal is going to cost if you do use a company to help. This may well be a deciding factor if you are unable to remove the tree.

But if you can’t remove the tree yourself and you can’t afford to get someone else to do it, then what should you do?

Keep in mind that your options are not limited to either removing the tree or entirely or leaving it as it is. Just as viable in many cases, is simply trimming the tree back. For example, if your tree is casting too much of a shadow over your garden, or if a branch is growing into the side of your property, then these are both issues that you can address by simply scaling the tree back. Cut the top of the tree, or remove some branches, and you will achieve a smaller profile. 

This may be something you feel more comfortable doing, or it may be something that a company will charge less to complete on your behalf.

Benefits of Using a Professional Service

If you do decide to use a professional service, there are a number of significant benefits.

The first is that a professional tree removal service in Palm Beach County will be able to remove the tree on your behalf so that you don’t need to start climbing and sawing. This can not only save you significant work, but it also completely removes any risk of injury. 

Moreover, this simply gives you more time to spend doing other things!

Another advantage of using a professional service is that they know how to be mindful of the surroundings. A tree removal company in Palm Beach County will use a set procedure to carefully extract the tree without causing harm to surrounding property, or even the earth and grass! They can even move the tree in an environmentally friendly fashion: ensuring that no critters are harmed in the process. This is difference between attempting a job yourself vs letting a professional follow a set of guidelines. 

Another advantage of using a professional service, is that they will be able to handle removal of the tree on your behalf. This is actually a big deal! Having a large tree lying across your lawn is not only an eyesore, it can actually be dangerous (especially if you have children that play in your yard). This is difficult to remove on your own: not only do you need to find local waste disposal (which might charge a lot of money) but you also need to carry it to your vehicle. This can be even more of an issue considering that the tree trunk might cause a lot of dirt, bark, and leaves to cover the interior of your vehicle.

For all these reasons, using professional tree removal in Palm Beach County is often the best solution. This way, you can simply hand over the entire process to someone else and what you will be left with is a garden minus tree and otherwise exactly as you left it!

And don’t forget the role of the weather! While you might be up for removing the tree from your garden yourself right now, try to imagine how you’ll feel when there are huge gusts of wind and driving rain!

At J & H We pride ourselves in our professionalism, and we have for years. We’d love to help with whatever job you have in mind!

Getting Permission

Whether you decide to remove the tree yourself or hire a company to do it for you, your next consideration is going to be permission. Are you legally entitled to remove the tree? 

This will depend on a number of factors, however in many cases you should be fine to go ahead and remove the tree yourself. In Palm Beach County, as a general rule, no permit is required to remove trees. 

The only exception to this rule, is if the tree is on a commercial property. In that case, you will need to get permission. 

With that said, it’s always important to check local rules in your town before you go ahead. Check with the local authorities before you go ahead.


You might be wondering how much tree removal in Palm Beach County costs. The good news is that this is a relatively inexpensive job in many cases. However, we can’t give you a precise amount in this post, seeing as it will always depend very much on the tree in question as well as other factors. These factors include things such as nearby property, the type of tree, and even your location.

Most tree removal companies will be able to provide a quote before they get to work. You should be able to get this quote simply by sending a picture of your tree. This is a quick and easy way to get an estimate that can save you a lot of time and trouble.

Finding a Good Tree Removal Company in Palm Beach County

If you decide to use a tree removal company in Palm Beach, then how should you go about finding the best company for the job?

The first thing to do is to check reviews online. You’ll find that there are lots of companies that offer similar services but not all of them are made equal! Reading reviews can give you a good idea of how efficient the company is at carrying out work, how polite and professional they are to interact with, and whether they arrived on time.

There is an art to reading reviews. Remember that even the best companies in the world will have a few dissatisfied customers and so you shouldn’t necessarily let one bad review put you off. What you are looking for instead are trends and repeated issues. If you find that a company is largely approved of by the local community, then that’s a good place to start!

Once you’ve made a list of a few good tree removal companies, give them a call. Speaking in person is the best way you can get an idea as to their professionalism and their attitude. You’ll quickly learn whether you are on the same page and whether the customer service representative puts your mind at ease. This initial sense is an important one to go with and can give you the best indication of whether you will find the service provides a positive experience. 

As mentioned, the company may then ask you to provide a photograph so that they can offer you a quote. Alternatively, they might send a technician around who is in the area. Either way, they will then be able to offer a quote for the price and you can decide whether or not this is acceptable.

It is always worth asking for a few quotes from different providers. This way, you can get a better idea as to whether the company is offering the best deal and you can avoid spending more money than you need to. But also keep in mind that you need to balance this with other factors – in particular those reviews. It is better to pay a little more and get a great service than to spend less and potentially not get the work completed to a satisfactory degree.

You should also make a few checks to ensure that the tree removal company is able to carry out the work. Make sure that the company has a proper license for all types of work that you need carried out. This will ensure that they have permission to go ahead and that they meet a number of minimum requirements.

You also need to ask whether the company has insurance. Insurance against accidents means that in the unlikely event that the tree should fall and cause property damage, the company will be able to pay for those damages.

While you might do your due diligence and choose a highly reputable company with a lot of experience, it’s important to recognize that even the most professional organization can occasionally make mistakes that result in damage. The bottom line is that things go wrong. So make sure the company is covered!

J & H Improvement is fully licensed and insured just in case the unthinkable does happen. We have been servicing the Palm Beach County community for many years, and plan on continuing to do so. We’re always extremely professional and punctual, so give us a call to learn more today!

How to Handle DIY Tree Removal

If you decide that you would rather go ahead and remove the tree yourself, then there are a number of different factors and steps to take into consideration. As mentioned, this is a viable option primarily for trees that are under 6’ tall and should be avoided for larger trees or trees that are near areas that could be easily damaged.


Once you’ve decided that you want to go ahead, the next step is to choose the right tools for the job. Choosing the right tools will make a huge difference to your safety as well as the difficulty of the job. Many people assume that sharper and more powerful tools are more dangerous but very often the exact opposite is true. That’s because a blunt tool or an old tool will require a lot of extra effort and force to cut through the tree. This then means that you risk slipping and cutting yourself, or otherwise falling out of the tree.

Likewise, newer tools often have important safety features. For example, you should make sure that any power tools have a safety latch. This can prevent you from accidentally starting up a chainsaw for example which could otherwise result in a serious accident. The same can be found for alligator saws and other types of saw commonly used.

It’s also possible to find saws that have a shut-off mechanism. This means that if you should drop them, they will stop instantly. Often this is accomplished by requiring constant pressure on a trigger. Once again, this is an important safety feature as it means you won’t drop a saw that continues to cut as it falls.

There are other things you will need to begin cutting the tree, as well. One example is a pair of thick leather gloves. While these aren’t going to stop a chainsaw, they can stop smaller injuries and they can certainly make the injury slightly less severe. 

It’s also important to make sure that you are wearing protective eyewear such as goggles. These will prevent wood chippings and other debris from flying into your eyes. 

Depending on how high the tree is and how you are securing yourself, you may need to use a harness to keep yourself secured to the tree and prevent yourself from falling. You can also attach your tools to your harness so that you don’t drop them and injure someone below.

The Process

Cutting down the tree is not a straightforward process. You can’t simply stand at the bottom of the tree, cut through it, and call it a day!

Why not? Firstly, because this is likely to be a very thick part of the trunk and that will require a huge amount of effort. More importantly though, simply severing the tree at the bottom will cause it to fall and you won’t have any control over the direction. Therefore, it might fall onto you and cause serious injury, or it might fall and damage your property.

There are several ways to get around this problem. The first is to cut the tree systematically. Start near the top and cut a chunk off, then head further down the tree and perform the same job again. This keeps the work far more manageable and means that if there is an accident, it will cause significantly less damage.

At the same time, you should think about the angle that you are cutting. You should aim to cut in a slightly upwards manner which will cause the tree to fall against that direction. This way, you can control the way that the tree is likely to fall.

With an ace, you do this by cutting a triangular shape into the tree. This way, you will have gravity acting against the widest part of the wedge which will affect the way it topples.

Either way, it is easiest to help the tree fall toward you where you are cutting. This is also true seeing as you might be trying to get it to fall away from a wall or fence, in which case you might not have room to cut from that side.

This is a problem but there is a simple fix. Rather than cutting all the way through the tree, the aim instead is to begin the cut to the point where you can apply pressure to finish the job and pull the tree down. You will do this by tying some cord or rope around the tree and then pulling it toward the way you want it to fall.

So, were you using an axe, you would then cut using the triangular strategy so that the tree only had a small amount left connecting it to the base of the trunk. Then you would use some rope tied around the top portion of the tree and pull it in the way you wanted it to fall. Once you have applied enough pressure, you will hear a cracking sound as the last piece of wood breaks and the tree falls.

To do this, you will need to use a strong piece of rope or cord and you should tie a knot that won’t break. This might mean using a figure of 8 knot for example, which is also used by rock climbers and sailors and will only get tighter the more pressure you place on it.

Some More Tips

One thing to consider when handling DIY tree removal in Palm Beach County, is how you intend on disposing of the tree once it is removed. There are several options, but one is to cut it up as small as you can and then use a fire pit to burn the remains. Again, this is more viable with a smaller tree, which is another reason to generally avoid working on larger trees on your own.

Alternatively, you can take the tree to a waste disposal site, though it’s important to recognize it could be difficult to bag up the tree and prevent it from getting a lot of debris in your car interior. You might also call a company to handle removal for you.

Another tip is to always make sure that there are other people around when you attempt to remove the tree. A second person can help you cut through the tree much more quickly and pull it down more easily. At the same time, you should have at least one person on hand in case of injury.

Try to avoid cutting the tree in bad weather if at all possible. This job becomes much more difficult (not to mention unpleasant) if it is very wet and windy. 

Finally, make sure to inform any neighbors who might be affected by the work. This will impact on their view and especially if the tree is growing into their garden at all.

Weigh up all these considerations when choosing whether to handle the tree removal yourself or use a tree removal company. Even if the cost seems a little high, remember that the alternative also involves paying for expensive tools, paying for removal of debris, and taking time out of your day. Once you factor that in as well, it often becomes easier to simply let professional tree removal companies handle the work for you. And the result is often much better too.